Women’s Hope for Change (WHFC) is a grass root Non-Governmental Organization formed in 2008 and it is registered under Trustees Incorporation Act. It was formed by a group of women who had passion to fight for women’ rights with the influence of the District Assembly Authorities.

It is affiliated to Council for Non Governmental Organization ( CONGOMA)  Non Governmental Organization Board, Malawi Economic Justice Network, NGO Gender Coordination Network at National level, and Civil Society Network at District level. It was formed due to community demand for women advocacy on women’s rights in the district. Its formation was necessitated by the fact that there was no any formal organization that would address gender based violence issues which was very rampant in Mchinji district hence the formation of Women’s Hope For Change to provide the service that women need are in district. The formation of the Organization was to respond to the plight of women who are the most victims of Domestic Violence, an aspect of Gender Based Violence that triggers the spread of HIV and AIDS. The most victims of violence are women and children especially the girl child. The organization also provides paralegal and other support services to the victimised women and girls. Women’s Hope For Change started its operations in the six Traditional Authorities of Mavwere, Nyoka, Dambe, Zulu, Mkanda and Mlonyeni

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