Organization Approach

Village Savings and Loans

The strength of micro loans is that they can be infectiously inspiring. One’s a village has successfully introduced Village Savings and Loans, the concept often spread to other villages by itself



The concept of STAR-circles is to mobilize villages and encourage them to ventilate personal or common issues in circle meetings. STAR is an abbreviation for Societies Tackling AIDS through Rights which reveals that initially the circles were primarily used for mobilization against sexual diseases.



When we aim to improve the quality of teachers, for example, we use workshops. Because most teachers have not been to university, especially primary school teachers, but some of them have more knowledge. They are therefore involved in group work so that they can benefit from each other.


Theater for Development

By engaging in creative activities, sometimes issues can be brought up easier. That is why we introduce theaters in villages to deal with sexual and other difficult subjects.
Radio Listening Clubs

Radio is another means to create awareness of targeted issues. It can potentially reach a very large audience and is a relatively inexpensive method. We have both experience of installing community radio and clubs that listen to the, discuss the topics and act. When radio listening clubs have been introduced more than one out of three villages has held them more than three times per month.


Other methods include:

  • Sensitization meetings
  • Role model imitative
  • Mentoring Mobilization
  • Field worker training
  • Capacity building of targeted cultural group