Citizen Charter

IMG_0149Women’s Hope for Change with funding from  Oversees  Development  Institute  created space and skills for the development of this charter to enable the communities to plan for their own developmental activities in their respective areas.  This process was pioneered by the T.A. Area Development Committee Chairperson and Community Development Assistant in STA Mkanda to enable them have the vision of their areas and initiate their own projects.    They have also being empowered to lobby other development partners to assist them on some project in cases where they not be able to source for financial resources.   The Charter will act as a guide to the communities and indeed development partners for development issues affecting their villages and increased understanding of how to respond to those individuals, families and communities will move life of departure .

Communities should be innovative, creative and sustaining their own futures through self-initiated community driven development and become healthy communities that can critique what is needed to improve their quality of life in order that they take control of their own development and shape their own futures

I wish to extend my gratitude to ODI with the financial support coordinated through MEJN  for the development of this charter.   I also like to mention Senior Chief Mkanda, ADC Chairperson Mr. Zakeyo and  Indeed  Mr Chitsonga.